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Make Monday Your Bitch

Good morning!

Did you sleep well? Did you wake up feeling like P. Diddy?  If you answered no to either of these, I hope you have time to take a nap today. You’re going to need it. It’s going to be a big day; you have a lot to do:

Start by taking a breath. No really, breathe. Sit up straight like someone is pulling a string from the top of your head and let your rib cage expand as you visualize your heart growing inside you, you grinch. Let so much air fill your lungs that your stomach pushes out. That’s a real deep breath. Do that more.

Stop using the word hate, for several reasons. It’s not even creative, and it probably isn’t completely articulating how you feel. If you feel like you hate something, ask yourself why. The answer to that is part of your solution to getting over it.

The more you complain, the more others feed off your complaints. The type of energy you put out into the world is the same type of energy that comes right back into your life. Yeah, it sounds cliché, but it’s real. Whining is easy, but it’s worthless. It’s contagious, it’s destructive, and it only hurts you in the long-run. I know it’s hard, but trust me, I tried to go a whole week without bitching once, and it changed my life.

Start using a planner. You don’t have to schedule every minute of every day, but it is helpful for keeping yourself accountable. There’s great satisfaction in making lists just for the sake of checking things off. Counting down to exciting events is just as important as bracing yourself for the days that you’ve stretched yourself too thin. Overtime, you might learn that if all your to-dos can’t fit on one page, they can’t be done in a day.

Make time for yourself! Solitude for the sake of solitude. If you don’t want to spend time with you, why would anyone else? Whether you’re doing something creative, or just spending quiet time alone, you are learning about yourself. You are worth knowing. Meditate, draw, sing in the shower, do something today that is just for you. Find a mantra. Use it. And then, call your mom and tell her about it. She probably wants to hear from you.

If you meet someone new today, make an effort to make them feel important. Chances are, Mondays are hard for them too. It’s pretty universal. If you haven’t met someone new today, your day isn’t over yet. Go out of your way to make it happen.

Sometimes your work will go unacknowledged, but know that even silent steps are movement in the right direction. If you feel like others are moving ahead of you, or faster than you, know that your pace is uniquely yours. Own it.

I know this is a lot, but it’s well intended. If you’re living for the weekend, you’re doing it wrong. Mondays are just opportunities to make this week better than the last. Monday is fresh; Monday is real; Monday is now.

It’s time to stop bitching about Mondays, and start making Mondays your bitch.



5 thoughts on “Make Monday Your Bitch

  1. Hi Halah! Good post! One time a few years ago a friend asked me what I would say if I had to give an inspirational TED talk and I said something kinda similar to this. I totally agree with you about the “live for the weekend/ugh monday” mentality and how it can fuel general dissatisfaction/whining/restlessness etc.

    And now that you’ve written about this I will probably just give a TED talk about how people really need to push things down in trash cans more.


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